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Interior Painting

The bulk of our work is interior residential painting of living spaces such as Kitchens, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Hallways, Stairs & Landings (walls, ceilings, trim, radiators, doors and window frames).

At Henry Fix, once all floor and furniture protection is complete, we typically spend a day per room on initial prep. The key to achieving a great finish is great preparation. Although the bulk is done before any painting, prep work is actually ongoing throughout the project. 

We work in close collaboration with you to achieve the final finish you desire, with your chosen colour and top coats. See our Materials & Tools page for our preferred products and most-used finishes.

We constantly research, try and test the latest colours and formulations. We are connected to brands we are passionate about and always take advantage of their training and education opportunities. Most recently, for example, we were invited to visit Farrow & Ball's factory in Bournemouth and spent the day learning about their paint production methods and company philosophy. We are now a part of their 'Expert Trade Panel' and provide feed-back on up-coming additions to their retail lines and changes to their formulations.

As well as established premium brands such as Farrow & Ball, Tikkurila, Benjamin Moore, Paint & Paper Library, Little Greene, etc. we also support and use niche, independent brands such as Abigail Ahern (for the darkest of hues), Sputnik Handmade Paints (retro colours of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s) and HMG Paints (the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer) and we're always keen to look beyond the UK for products that work well - Teknos, a paint from Finland, is the newest addition to our kit. 





David Henry, hand-painting a cupboard in Brockley using Farrow & Ball, wearing a Dulux Trade hat :)

David Henry, hand-painting a cupboard in Brockley using Farrow & Ball, wearing a Dulux Trade hat :)


Dust-Free Sanding

Decorating has changed. The old days of mess and dust everywhere are no more. Our Festool dust-free sanding machines were a significant investment for our business and are now an integral part of what we do - we couldn't provide as good and clean a finish without them.

Quite simply the Festool is our number one piece of kit. Specifically, we use the Festool midi vacuum extractor, an RTS 150/3 sander for walls and ceilings and a DTS 400 EQ sander for woodwork, doors and trim with Mirka Abranet abrasives.

Walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors and window frames all get full Henry Fix preparation and whereas the dust created from traditional sanding would normally end up everywhere (in your furniture, your carpets, your pets, your lungs - our lungs!) - it is now swiftly extracted into the Festool, removing around 95% of harmful dust particles.

In our opinion, if a decorator doesn't provide this essential service as standard, they shouldn't be in your home. The health hazards of dust should not be taken lightly. Clean and safe decorating is priceless.

One of our trusty Festools (fresh out of the box)

One of our trusty Festools (fresh out of the box)

A recent exterior project we completed in Lewisham

A recent exterior project we completed in Lewisham


Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting season starts from April and lasts through to September (weather-dependent).

We offer a full-range exterior decorating service from masonry painting to facades and weatherboarding to timber window frames and front doors. We are an Approved RepairCare Contractor, meaning we can cost-effectively repair any broken masonry and defective woodwork prior to painting.

Our process is thorough, starting with a full pressure-washer clean for all masonry to ensure removal of dirt, cobwebs and fungal growth that inevitably collect over time. This is followed by application of a fungicidal wash and then a stabilising solution to the masonry to ensure good and solid adhesion for the paint. We will make-good any surface defects such as loose and flaking paint (just as we would for an interior project) and then re-paint to a colour and finish of your choosing.

Any access equipment (eg: scaffolding) can be arranged by us, removing the hassle for you of sourcing a supplier and having to deal with multiple tradespeople.




Loft Conversion Finishing

We are fully in the "improve don't move" era which means the demand for loft conversions (especially in London where space is always at a premium) is booming.

We specialise in decorating loft conversions post-build. We understand the process and know how best to work with other trades to ensure a quick turnaround for you and your family so you can start enjoying the new addition to your home as quickly as possible.

We know some loft conversion companies will provide the decorating "all-in" but more often than not this means handing a labourer a brush and roller and expecting them to get on with it as quickly as possible. Is that the level of finish you really want to be left with after spending tens of thousands of pounds on your beautiful loft conversion?

Our advice is always: don't get a builder to decorate, Please! just don’t!

Just the same as you wouldn't get a Plumber to build you a wall, trust us its not worth it.

We tend to book in loft conversion projects 6-8 weeks in advance, so please don't leave it until the last minute to get your quotation as you may find we don't have immediate availability to start and we hate to disappoint!

One of many loft conversions we completed in London last year.

One of many loft conversions we completed in London last year.

David using the Wagner airless sprayer on a ceiling

David using the Wagner airless sprayer on a ceiling



Although not a new method of decorating per se (the Americans and our European cousins have been spray painting homes as standard for years), we in Britain have been slow to pick up on its advantages, especially in the residential market.

The superior finish and speed are the main benefits of spray painting, as well as reduced clean-up time and less tools and equipment on site which causes less disruption for the homeowner.

We trained at the PaintTech Academy in Surrey and the Dulux academy in Slough, we use HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayer for Kitchen cabinet re sprays, woodwork, doors and mantlepieces. We use an Airless high-powered sprayer for walls and ceilings which creates a far superior finish to the traditional brush and roller.

Progressive decorating companies are all integrating spraying into their services - and we are no different. While we know the brush and roller will still be around for a good while yet, we believe spraying is the future of the modern decorating industry and we want to be a part of it.

Eco Paints

Homeowners are increasingly looking for high performance products that are safer to use and sound for the environment. 

Since 2010, all paint manufacturers have been obliged to comply with stringent EU limits on "VOC" levels. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that cause emissions and effect the air we breathe.

A growing band of eco-brands are disrupting the market. We have experience using:

  • Earthborn - "breathable paints that are naturally beautiful"
  • Mythic - "Safe for Infants, Safe for People, Safe for Pets"
  • Edward Bulmer - made from entirely natural ingredients:  "We declare every single ingredient in our paint, source it ethically and explain its origins."
  • KEIM Mineral Paints from Germany - contain only natural raw materials (no solvents, plasticisers, biocides or preservatives).

Henry Fix was one of the first UK decorating companies to attend the Airlite Academy and trial Airlite Purelight Interior - a mineral, inorganic paint from Italy with high breathability, that:

– reduces 88.8% of the pollutants in the air
– eliminates 99.9% and bacteria
– permanently blocks the growth of mold and microbes
– eliminates bad odours from the surrounding environment.

If eco-paints interest you, we are happy to source the exact paint that meets your requirements. Contact us to discuss.


KEIM Soldalit - exterior mineral paint

KEIM Soldalit - exterior mineral paint


Henry Fix did an amazing job on our property. We had quite a big project and tight time frame but David and his team pulled out all the stops to get us finished on time and delivered great results. Our home is transformed, thanks a lot!

/  homeowner IN SE13 /