Refreshing a ceiling in 3 minutes (and 19 seconds)

If you’ve ever tried to paint your own ceiling, you’ll realise it’s not as easy as you might have first thought. It’s awkward, messy, hard work and difficult to get a professional-looking finish.

For a professional painter decorator, it’s a different story as they benefit from years of experience and practice and will use professional tools better than the ones you’ll find in a DIY store. 

In this video for example, I’m using a “striker” brush to cut in at speed without having to use a ladder. (Cutting in with a striker is only recommended if you’re also going to be painting the walls, as accuracy doesn’t need to be a priority). I’m also using a large Wooster 14-inch deep pile roller with Purdy extension pole and frame which is very different from using a standard 9-inch roller taped to a broom handle! The extra width means you can cover a lot of ground very quickly.

I completed this ceiling in 3 minutes 19 seconds. Watch the real-time version here:

Here are Henry Fix Painting & Decorating’s top tips for painting a ceiling like a pro:

1. Always roll in the same direction (rather than cross-rolling)

2. Roll in the same direction as the natural light source (for instance in the video here, I’m rolling in the same direction as the light coming through the window) 

3. Apply at least two coats, leaving time for drying in between.

With practice, you too could be completing your ceiling refresh in under 5 minutes!

Video disclaimer: We never just do one coat on a job and we never compromise quality for speed.

Kim Spooner