Professionalism, confidence & integrity

Any expense for a small business needs careful consideration.

When you’re starting out, that’s even more important as people are constantly asking for your money at every turn and you don’t have the experience to know which opportunities are going to be worthwhile. Spending money on professional memberships can often be viewed as a “nice to have” or maybe a useful tax write-off, but for us, we see it as a business priority and ensure that there is always space in our budget for the organisations we value.

Our first professional membership was with the Painting & Decorating Association (PDA). We met their strict membership criteria and were duly elected full members in December 2015.

PDA logo.png

Standing for professionalism, confidence and integrity, the PDA symbol is the sign of quality in our industry. The PDA represents thousands of painters and decorators across the UK and the Association has one clear purpose - to ensure all members adhere to the highest standards. The PDA has been committed to encouraging best practice across the industry since 1894.

As a member, we must: 

  • be qualified (hold formal qualifications in the painting and decorating craft e.g.: City & Guilds)
  • have a number of years’ practical experience
  • be fully insured
  • produce work of quality (backed up by references that are independently checked and verified)
  • be conversant with the latest technology
  • work to a code of practice.

We demand that our professional memberships are with reputable organisations that offer us and our customers benefits and value beyond use of a logo or a throwaway mention on our website. We research carefully which ones fit our brand best. The PDA won hands down and we’re proud to be associated with them.

Our PDA membership is proof to our customers that we a serious business, dedicated to professionalism and with a 122 year-old organisation behind us. Our customers know they can trust us and rely on us and they can see that we invest in our company’s reputation.

Kim Spooner