Konig Colours: decorating trends for 2017

Vanessa Galloway, founder of Konig Colours paint range, shared her trend predictions at Focus/16 last month.

“Colour is more important than trend” she asserts. While grey will remain a popular choice, the new craze is pink. Not sugary-bright; but nude, soft, gentle, almost white.

It’s fresh with white and warming for north-facing rooms and ideal for cheering up gloomy spaces. With evening lighting it creates an entirely different atmosphere.

Pink with green should definitely be seen according to Vanessa. Think deep, Victorian Brunswick greens (or Konig’s own “Cecil Green”): a front-funner for overtaking grey, she predicts. Muddier greens are also becoming more popular, such as Konig’s “Oliver’s Army”.

Image from Lisannevandeklift.nl via http://www.themakerplace.co.uk

Image from Lisannevandeklift.nl via http://www.themakerplace.co.uk

Recently, interior design protocol has been to paint everything in a room, including the trim, in one colour, but Vanessa doesn’t shy away from picking out woodwork in white – and she sees this as a re-emerging trend. “It simply makes the colour stand-out and looks fresh”, she explains.

Vanessa’s paint range of 101 colours gives designers and homeowners plenty of options, but that can be extended further still by using washes or different application techniques. Illustrated below, it’s incredible what a simple wash can do to a colour with minimal effort and time. Try this to create more movement on the walls as opposed to just flat colour.

Kim Spooner