Finding our first apprentice

We’re excited to announce that Henry Fix Painting & Decorating has joined the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

CITB was established in 1964 and it is social enterprise which helps individuals, companies and the construction industry as a whole.

CITB logo.jpeg

CITB believes that developing the skills of workers in the construction industry is crucial to the health of the UK economy; so they work with employers to make sure our industry has the right skills in the right place, at the right time and they work with industry - for industry - to deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified UK construction workforce. CITB also works with companies like us to help improve skills, increase competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face – from the low carbon agenda, through to reducing costs and recruiting the best and brightest talent for their sector.

One of the first things CITB is going to help us with is finding our first painting and decorating apprentice. We have been assigned our own CITB apprenticeship officer who will advertise our vacancy locally and send us suitable applicants for us to choose from. They will then give us expert advice and guidance to support us through the recruitment and appointment process.

CITB promotes an ethos of the “right apprentice” on the “right programme” with the “right support” and we share this ethos too.

Apprenticeships is something we have been keen to offer from the start of setting up our business and we’re pleased to have the weight of CITB behind us in helping us through this unchartered territory.

As well as access to grants and other funding for our apprentice, being part of the CITB means we get access to training and advice and guidance for other areas of our business. Anything that helps a small business punch above its weight is good news for us!

Kim Spooner