Never one to follow the crowd, it took us a while to jump on the Tikkurila bandwagon.

Several of our trade twitter community have been raving about the wonders of this little-known paint brand for a while now. We read their tweets and examined their photos with interested scepticism. A few weeks ago, we decided to purchase a few litres and started testing.

So far, we’re fans.

Who is Tikkurila?
Tikkurila, a Finnish company, was established in 1862. It expanded into the manufacture of varnishes, paints and lacquers in industrial scale in 1919 and now has over 12 production facilities in nine countries, employs over 3000 people and turned over more than EUR570 million last year. Not bad for a company that began life as a small linseed oil press near Helsinki.

Relatively unknown in the UK, Tikkurila is the leading paint company in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic region. These, you may have realised, are countries where weather can be harsh, so the company has adapted its materials to sustain testing weather conditions. For us, this means high quality paint which is more durable and adaptable than some of our more well-recognised brands.

The Tikkurila range
Tikkurila offers a broad range of decorative paints for surface protection and decoration, both for consumers and the trade. Their product offering includes interior paints, lacquers, and effect products, exterior products for wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. 

We are currently offering the trade Helmi range for woodwork (primer/undercoat; satin; gloss) to our homeowners. We have achieved great results with the waterborne Helmi acrylic primer and Helmi 30 acrylic satin. For walls and ceilings, we use the Superwhite Cover matt emulsion or the Optiva Colour vinyl matt trade emulsion. 

Want to discuss if Tikkurila is right for your home decorating project? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Kim Spooner